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Every great company has a great story.  A story that grows over time, is passed from one generation to the next, and shapes the culture, the very DNA of that company and its employees.  Such is the story of Pearce Worldwide Logistics.

As a boy, Warren Pearce would sleep on the front porch of his parents Indiana farmhouse, in order to hear the sound of the trucks passing in the night.  When it came time to begin a career, there was no question…he wanted to drive.  After years of successful driving, things came to a tipping point.  Frustrated with the lack of integrity and business ethics he observed in the trucking industry, Warren let his employer know he was resigning.  He was promptly told, “This is how this business operates.”  That is not how he operated, and after being told he “thought to much like a driver”, he left, determined to make a difference in the industry he loved.

Warren Pearce and Co. was started that year and Warren Pearce  Truck Brokers was birthed in July of 1981.  Wanting to run a business based on strong ethics, fairness, and integrity, Warren knew he needed to surround himself with people with the same moral fiber.  Who better to bring on than a young man he had raised from birth…his son, Kevin.  Together they began building what is now known as Pearce Worldwide Logistics.

Kevin has led PWL with a steady hand and a vision for the future.  For 32 years, PWL has been recognized for its ETHICAL practices, DEPENDABLE service, RELATIONAL strength, FAMILY environment, and FINANCIAL stability.

 In a world full of Transportation choices, choose wisely...choose Pearce.

Our corporate office is located in Brentwood, Tennessee. We maintain a brokerage office in Lake Hamilton, Florida and are represented by a network of contract Agents. Broker contacts

TML Logistics, Inc, our sister carrier, operates out of our freight terminal in Lake Hamilton, Florida. We have 35 company tractors and trailers available that we also use to service our customers.  For more information on TML Logistics, Inc please contact Karl Browning, Operations Manager at 863-439-7691.